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HESCO rockbox
Other Name(s): HESCO,hesco bastion,
HESCO type:Rockbox HESCO barriers
Rock box structure:Welded Mesh Panel
HESCO rockbox Brand:HESLY/海斯利
Contact BESKING:info@heslymetalmesh.com
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HESCO Rockbox Information:                                                                                                                   

An unlined Concertainer unit for general use as a welded wire fabric gabion.HESCO rockbox

There are two standard sizes of 5-cell Rockbox units: RB-2210 and RB-3315, as shown. Rockbox units are also supplied in 2-, 3- and 4-cell units.

Joining pins are supplied to join units together. Lids and bases are supplied with all Rockbox units and are pre-fitted to the units at the factory. Coils are also supplied to close lids and bases on site.

General specifications
Welded wire fabric gabion to ASTM A 974-97.

Welded Mesh, coils and pins

Hesco Concertainer units are manufactured with a Alu-Zinc coated welded wire mesh. The mesh has a spacing of 3" x 3" and a wire gauge of 8.5 American SWG, steel/diameter of 0.155"/3.937mm (nominal).

Detailed specifications
For detailed technical specifications on Rockbox units, or all HESCO products, use the links below:

hesco rockbox

Assembling HESCO Rockbox Information:                                                                                              

Assembling the Hesco rockbox entails unfolding it and (if available) using a front end loader to fill it with sand, dirt or gravel. The placement of the barrier is generally very similar to the placement of a sandbag barrier or earth berm except that room must generally be allowed for the equipment used to fill the barrier. The main advantage of Hesco Bastion, strongly contributing to their popularity with troops and flood fighters,hesco bastion, is the quick and easy setup. Previously, people had to fill sandbags, a slow undertaking, with one worker filling about 20 sandbags per hour. Workers using Hesco Barrier and a front end loader can do ten times the work of those using sandbags.
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Technical Information of HESCO rockbox                                                                                               

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Applications of HESCO rockbox                                                                                                                

The Hesco rockbox come in a variety of sizes. Most of the barriers can also be stacked,gabion basket, and they are shipped collapsed in compact sets. Example dimensions of typical configurations are 4’6” x 3’6” x 32’ (1.4m x 1.1m x 9.8m) to 7’ x 5’ x 100’ (2.1m x 1.5m x 30m)


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 HESCO Basion In Military  HESCO Barrier In Humanitarian
 HESCO Blast Wall In Humanland Security Military Bastion Barrier In Civil Engineering

•Perimeter security and defence walls
•Equipment revetments
•explosive and contraband search areas
•Ammunition compounds
•Personnel and material bunkers
•Observation points
•Defensive firing positions
•Highway checkpoints
•Border crossing checkpoints
•Protection existing structures
•High way traffic management
•Flood control
•Water courses
•Emergency flood deployment
•Erosion control
•Retaining walls

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