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Military Blast Wall
Name:Military Blast Barrier Wall
Mesh Size:3'×3'(76.2×76.2mm) as standard
Structure:welded mesh gabion with geotextile
Manufacturer:HESLY gabion barriers
Contact Us:info@heslymetalmesh.com

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Military Blast Wall 

The Welded Gabion Barrier Blast Wall has been a key component in providing Force Protection since the 1991 Gulf War. It has been deployed with the U.S. Military, NATO, The United Nations and other military forces through out the world.

The versatility of a Blast Barrier structure enables it to be used across a variety of applications such as coastal erosion, flood protection, river and bank stabilisation, retaining walls, land reinforcement and soil conservation.

A galvanized steel unit lined with geotextile fabricHesly Blast Barrier is completely assembled during manufacture, ensuring rapid installation. Available in a wide range of sizes, units can be joined and extended using the provided joining pins. The primary advantage of the product is its ability to utilise locally available fill material to rapidly construct walls and other structures with minimal manpower and resources.




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