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Gabion Embankments Protection
Other Name(s): rockfall netting,rockfall mesh
Gabion Solution:Gabion Embankments Protection
Gabion Structure:Hexagonal Wire Netting
Mesh Size:8×10cm as standard
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Gabion Embankments Protection

Gabion Embankments

Rockfall embankments provide protection to infrastructure and property over of a wider area than gabion barrier fence systems. They are also able to contain or divert larger volumes of rock falls than stand alone barrier fences. Rockfall protection embankments are ideal solutions where it is not possible to intercept falling rock or prevent them from detaching due to the whole slope being too large or inaccessible. The primary functions of the embankment are:

  • Intercept and stop falling rocks and boulders
  • Reduce environmental impact with greening solutions
  • Provide protection to structures placed at the base of man made cutting or natural cliffs 

The choice of possible solutions depends on:

  • Area of available ground
  • Area morphology
  • Presence of the uphill trench

The design of a rockfall embankments must consider:

  • Stability analysis of the entire slope
  • Internal stability analysis of the rockfall embankment under static conditions
  • Internal stability analysis of the rockfall embankment under dynamic loads (The rock’s impact)

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