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Rockfall Protection Netting
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Rockfall Protection Netting

Double Twist Mesh

Double twisted hexagonal steel wire mesh is used as a drapery system to prevent rockfall and debris from falling onto roads, railways or where there is a possibility of loss of property or life.

Due to the characteristics of the double twist, the steel wire double twist mesh can withstand the force of the falling rocks without unraveling in the event of wire breakage. The double twist mesh is anchored at the top of the slope with a trench at the bottom to collect the debris. Encapsulating vegetative soil pockets under the drapery system permits the establishment of vegetation if conditions permit.

Double twisted hexagonal steel wire mesh is available galvanized or galvanized with PVC sheets.  PVC mesh is available in a variety of colors. 

Advantages of HESLY double twist mesh:

  • Double Twist Mesh does not unravel should one of the wires fail
  • High tension and punching stress resistance
  • Maximum continuity at joints without the need to overlap mesh panels
  • Low installation costs
  • HESLY stainless steel and galvanized high strength fasteners comply with ASTM A975.


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