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Reno Mattress Installation
Other Name(s): Assemble Reno Mattress
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The Installation Procedure of Reno Mattress:

Material Delivery
Reno mattresses are manufactured with all components mechanically connected at the production facility with the exception of the lid, which is produced separately from the base. All Reno mattresses are supplied in the collapsed form, either folded and bundled or rolled. The bundles are compressed and strapped together at the factory for easy shipping and handling.
Reno mattress bases and lids may be packed in separate bundles. Lacing wire is supplied in coils. Ring fasteners (Figure 3) are shipped in boxes which must be stored in a dry environment.
The folded units shall be taken out from the bundle and placed on a hard flat surface. Reno mattresses shall be opened, unfolded and pressed out to their original shape. Front, back and end panels shall be lifted to a vertical position to form an open box shape. End flaps shall be folded and/or overlapped, as appropriate (Figure 1). All edges of the diaphragms and end panels shall be tied or fastened to the front and back of the mattress. The mattresses should be assembled individually, by erecting the sides, ends and diaphragms, ensuring that all creases are in the correct position and the tops of all sides are level.
Fastening Procedure
Connect the edges of the Reno mattress by using either lacing wire or ring fasteners. Ring fasteners shall be installed at a maximum spacing of 100 mm apart (Figure 2). When steel ri
ng fasteners are used, the custom made Yihang Manual Spenax Tool (Figure 6) is required and is available for hire. When using lacing wire, cut a sufficient length of wire and first loop
and/or twist the lacing wire to the wire mesh. Proceed tying with alternate double and single loops through every mesh opening approximately every 100 mm, pulling each loop tight and finally securing the end of the lacing wire to the wire mesh by looping and/or twisting (Figure 2). The use of Pliers (Figure 6) to aid assembly and wiring of the units using the binding wire supplied with the Reno mattresses is normally recommended.
Installation and Filling
After being assembled, the Reno mattresses shall be placed in their proper location and securely attached to the adjacent ones. For structural integrity, all adjoining empty units shall be connected by means of lacing wire or ring fasteners along all edges of their contact surfaces, in order to form a continuously connected, monolithic structural unit. On slopes, the Reno mattress shall be laid with the width perpendicular tothe slope, except for very small ditches. Where Reno mattresses are to be placed on steep slopes, the units shall be secured by hardwood pegs driven into the ground just below the upper end panel, at 2 m centres or as
specified in the project requirements. Mattresses shall be placed and securely attached whilst empty.


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