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Recoverable Blast Wall
Model:New Recoverable Barriers
Quality Standard:ISO9001
Executive Standard:BS1052,BS-EN10244-2
Manufacturer:The HeslyGabion®
Contact Info:info@heslymetalmesh.com
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Recoverable Military Defensive Barriers

Developed in direct response to two increasingly important challenges faced by many military organisations: the logistic burden of redeployment, including the cost and effort of clearing bases that are no longer needed, and the increased commitment to environmental responsibility, that is so essential if we are to build a civilized future.

There are two key messages for the product:

Deploy the new Defensive Barrier range in exactly the same way as current Heslybarrier products. All previous sizes will be available in the standard defensive barrier range - from 0.6m high to 2.21m high. Once filled the units provide the same high degree of proven protection expected of Hesly products.

Once the mission is over, units can be simply recovered by the extraction of pins that mesh the corner coils together. Once removed, the walls of the unit can be opened and the fill material cleared away. Finally, the unit is folded and flat-packed either for disposal, or with some of the sizes, for storage and reuse.

Dependent on the size of unit deployed and method of construction, certain units can be redeployed at a later date. This provides substantial reduction in logistical and environmental impact.

The new HESLY range provides the same high-specification welded mesh and geotextile as previous HMil units, but now all models feature an innovative design to provide the ultimate in engineered force protection.

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